If we want to name the trendsetter, it is definitely Bitcoin. But yes, Bitcoin has given way to some really trustworthy and reputed cryptocurrencies that can be used apart from it. Never sail all your cargo on a single ship; you never know when the storm might strike! Most cryptocurrency investors and traders work on this principle and like to float their money in many different kinds of digital tokens. Each one would have their own set depending on their individual needs and targets, but on the whole let us see as to what cryptos other than Bitcoin are trustworthy.


What Cryptos Other Than Bitcoin Are Trustworthy: The Top 5

Bitcoin was successful in ushering in a wave of decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency. It still remains to be the de-facto standard, but let us explore the top ones that have taken place after it. 

1. Litecoin (LTC): Launched in just the year 2011, Litecoin has already started resonating in the minds of crypto traders to be a trustworthy digital currency. No wonder why it is often called the silver to Bitcoin’s gold! It is almost like Bitcoin in most of its tendencies, just that it is a bit faster and lighter in terms of mining. This one must definitely be included in the list of cryptos other than Bitcoin that are trustworthy.

2. Ethereum: This came a bit later in around 2015, but soon surpassed most of the currencies developed before or after that time, with the exception of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Ethereum was specifically built for safety and security in online transactions, and so is even more trustworthy among cryptocurrencies.

3. ZCash: Another one that was rolled out in 2016 that focused primarily on fraud prevention. It is like an HTTPS protocol for the already existing HTTP when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. It offers security along with privacy as transaction details like sender, recipient, amount etc. remain confidential always. A good alternative to Bitcoin for people who are looking for more options in this genre.

4. Dash: Considered to be a more secretive version of Bitcoin, Dash is the next generation digital currency. It has a per token value of about 50 USD which is remarkable. The market cap is also on the rise and that is due to the fact that when people think of what cryptos other than Bitcoin are trustworthy, Dash seems to come up as a compelling option.

5. Monero: Monero is another untraceable one that is secure and safe. Not only has it managed to soar high in popularity among traders and investors, but the innovative technology it is based on has gained the interest of developers and crypto enthusiasts too!

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Summing It Up…

Above is not an exhaustive list of what cryptos other than Bitcoin are trustworthy! However, this is definitely one of the most popular lists and choices among crypto investors who like to trade for other currencies as well. Bitcoin has got no threat; it is already at a place where it is tough to get. However, these other ones are building up rapidly too. Companies like executium.com, which excels in crypto investments, can help us decide and formulate a roadmap for diversification of our investments among various crypto types.