The world of Bitcoin is filled with enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. This tutorial is for you if you want to learn what Bitcoin is and how you can get it, without going in-depth. It will illustrate how the system operates and how you can use it for your gain.  Without much ado, let's go straight to what you need to know.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic money system. The digital currency is decentralized without a central bank or a single administrator. It is available to send from user to user in an intermediary-free Bitcoin blockchain network.

How can I join Bitcoin?

Enrolling to bitcoin is just as easy as becoming a member of You may join Bitcoin as a new user without having to know the technical aspects. You will be able to generate your first Bitcoin address after you have installed Bitcoin. You can install it on your computer or mobile phone. You can also create more when you wish.  The way email functions is quite close to Bitcoin addresses. The exception is that bitcoin addresses should only be used once.

Bitcoin Tutorial

How does Bitcoin work?


The blockchain is a shared database on which the whole network of Bitcoin depends. The blockchain includes all verified exchanges. Bitcoin wallets help to measure their spendable value.This helps to ensure that the transactions are fully owned by the investor. Cryptography reinforces the credibility and chronological order of the blockchain.


This can be defined as the transfer of one Bitcoin wallet to another contained within the blockchain. Bitcoin wallets hold a secret data piece. This is referred to as a seed or a private key. It is essential in the signing of transactions.The private key also creates mathematical evidence of the holder of the wallet that it came from. The signature will also hinder anybody from altering the transaction once it is issued. All exchanges and transactions are transmitted to the network. They are verified by a process known as mining. This will take place within 10-20 minutes.


Mining works by incorporating transactions into the blockchain. It is used to verify pending transactions or exchanges. It is a decentralized consensus system. The chronological order in the blockchain is applied by this process. Mining also ensures that network neutrality is protected and varied computers can concur on the system's status. Transactions must be packaged in a block to be confirmed following very strict encryption rules that the network verifies. These rules do not change previous blocks, as this would nullify all consequent blocks. This process also creates an excellent lottery. This hinders anyone from introducing additional blocks to the blockchain. This allows no group or individual to manipulate what is in the blockchain. No one can also replace block chain components to reverse their expenditure.

Tutorial Bitcoin


It is now eight years since the release of Bitcoin. Most notably, you've seen headlines of people who have bought Bitcoins and become wealthy. You too have a chance to be successful since we now have several nice platforms such as