Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or any administrator, hence referred to as a cryptocurrency. It's basically a computer file stored in a digital wallet and every single transaction is recorded in a public list. In cryptocurrency all types of money used are completely virtual and you can use it to buy products or services as it's easy to trace the history to stop people from spending their coins. You can buy bitcoin using your real money or selling it to people and it can also be created by using a computer. Before deciding on using bitcoin, you must be aware of where to get your wallet and where to do the bitcoin trading.

Binanace is a good trade-in for beginners and advanced users since it has an inbuilt option for users to switch between the two options. It's user friendly hence you cannot face any form of liquidity and also gives a discount in its trading fee. This allows users to apply mobile apps which are advanced and easy to use. It's also designed to provide an easy and efficient way to integrate your trading since you can globally access it.

Where to get bitcoin trading. is a website for buying and selling bitcoins. It has a good format for beginners because using it is not difficult and has avoided past recording to its users. You can easily deposit fiat currency such as dollars and because of the good liquidity, its main form of traffic is in the form of fiat currencies. Through this you can also use credit cards since it has good features that make it a better option for beginners. Since the verification process takes longer, you may be required to keep your card configured even if you don't have an immediate plan to buy it. It also enjoys wider coverage in different countries than Coinbase with good mobile apps.

Kucoin is another brilliant bitcoin exchange and receives a lot of transactions monthly. It's ranked among the top exchange markets globally with a good platform in which new coins are constantly added on the exchange regularly. Kucoin has good shares to hold because it gives extra positive income in the form of an exchange fee. The services here are centralized in nature hence not good to use as a day to day wallet for holding.

Kucoin is another brilliant bitcoin exchange

Another important website to buy and sell bitcoins is the coin base. You can easily deposit your fiat currency and easily collect bitcoins that you can withdraw later. This allows the user to buy through credit and debit cards hence accessible globally to all users. All you need to have a coin base is to register and accept its terms to allow it to do some small transactions.

Bitfinex is the oldest in the race for bitcoin exchanges and deals in fiat currencies. It has a larger volume hence no need to worry about its liquidity to buy or sell clean and sufficient to help users to use it effectively. You may be required to have your email ID so you can access bitfinex and it does not take many business days from the time of submission to begin your trading. Availability of mobile apps makes it easy to use and access globally. Bitcoin exchange is a good platform but it's major disadvantage is that many shops do not accept it and many countries have also banned it.