Bitcoin trade has features that are similar to other investments that involve financial assets. This includes the minimum amount required for the investor to start trading through the platform. Given that Bitcoin trading has many sites, each site has a set amount for the minimum deposit if any registered retail investor wishes to join and start trading. However, it is important to understand the conventional minimum amount an interested trader is supposed to have at the very start of the Bitcoin trade.

Kraken and Bitstamp, for instance, are good and safe for an interested new Bitcoin trader willing to try. The minimum amount a trader has to deposit to start is so low that a trader may start trading with less than $ 10. However, where an individual trader is interested in opening multiple positions, there shall be a need for more amounts to deposit.


Before taking a step to start Bitcoin trade on whichever site, the best advice is that the aspirant trader has to learn to read the charts more so, to read books on the same. After that, it is also advisable to find a good platform for trade bearing in mind that there are many platforms that are not regulated. Such a deal may pose a threat to cause a loss to a considerably inexperienced Bitcoin investor.

It is worth noting that any investment that is made is subjected to a risk of loss hence the new Bitcoin trader should only invest the amount they can afford to lose. Then, the trader should invest in a powerful computer or rather have several that boost each other for better output. Furthermore, it could also be wise to consider personal aspirations and have a balance between the objectives and the amount available or affordable on the side of the trader.

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If the intention of starting to trade in Bitcoin is to grow through gradual but steady steps, the advice will be that the starter investor starts with an amount between $ 20 and $ 30. This amount is sufficient to purchase Bitcoin from reliable exchanges like Coinbase with debit or credit card. Furthermore, the trader must learn how to store crypto, understand cold and hot wallets, public and private keys, and the characteristics of Bitcoin in order to know why it matters.

There is a need to get the mining equipment and the graphics cards that are high-end graphics. But to be a successful miner, the trader should plan well for the electricity expenses. This may make it necessary to have an alternative source of electricity so that the bills may be moderated well. In all these, the trader has to undertake adequate investigation prior to the final step of trading Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin trade is no different from the rest of investments that involve money (capital) hence the starting capital has to be “risk capital” indeed. This is the amount bearable to the trader if it gets consumed at some loss. Considering that there is virtually no minimum amount needed for a starting Bitcoin trader to be off the starting mark, the trader may decide which much to start with. For instance, a retail investor may get started at 374/1000000 Bitcoin and the choice is the trader’s. What is more important is to find out the Bitcoin of their preference then add the amount of funds the trader is willing to spend on the Bitcoin.

At this point, it is possible for the trader to undertake the trade to purchase their Bitcoin(s). It is further advisable for the starting traders to keep a lot of their Bitcoin stirred online. But if the trader keeps it for the long term, then it is recommended to keep their funds in a “cold wallet” that they can encrypt whenever they wish.

Finally, market volatility is a crucial factor determining the amount of funds to start trading with. While many of the other risks can be avoided by the use of common sense, this one calls for a keen assessment. Otherwise, background research and some slight skepticism will boost the safety of their cryptocurrency investment. These measures will also secure traders from fraudulent dealers that capitalize on the current boom.

With regard to the obvious fact that any affordable amount of funds can be good to start on trading at Bitcoin, what is more, important is the basic knowledge about how it works. The trader should also invest only the amount whose total loss is bearable to them. Other related expenses and dangers are avoidable with gradual gain in experience and knowledge gained through reading relevant literature.