The difference between Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin trading is obvious. These are two totally separate ventures, but the cryptocurrency is still in itself so confusing and complicated that many investors get mixed up in these two toils.  Especially new cryptocurrency investors. So it is important to elucidate what is the difference between Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Trading. Sometimes we feel we understand the differences, but still reading such pieces can add to our pre-existing information most often. Let us first explain what Bitcoin Mining is and what Bitcoin Trading is before we get to the difference between these two.

What is Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining is in the process of generating new tokens for the open source framework over distributed ledger technology. This requires very high speed computers and the expertise to generate such tokens. This entire process of weaving out cryptocurrency from scratch, or from nodes with pre-existing tokens, is referred to as Bitcoin Mining. 

What is Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Trading refers to the endeavor of buying and selling Bitcoin tokens that have already been generated with the sole motive to earn some profit. If you have any pre-existing tokens that you purchased or weaved yourself when you sold them, involve yourself in Bitcoin Trading. Or when you buy tokens from some cryptocurrency exchange, you are again making a Bitcoin trade activity.

What Is the Difference between Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Trading

By now, the baseline difference between Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Trading might be clear. Now here is a one-on-one comparison to get this even clearer.

Bitcoin Trading

While Bitcoin Mining is a stand-alone activity, all Bitcoin Trading requires Bitcoin Mining to precede it in one way or the other. It is not possible to trade Bitcoin when it is not mined before that.

While Bitcoin Mining is done for varied reasons beyond profit making too, like research, learning, evolution of new technology etc., the sole motive behind any Bitcoin trade is usually money making. 

Bitcoin Trading is an easy thing to do. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can indulge in this very easily. However, Bitcoin mining is tougher and requires appropriate machinery and skill. One must have some sense of blockchain technology, the servers and the high speed computers, the ongoing economics and alike for that matter.

A lot of investment is required to invest in Bitcoin Miners, while Bitcoin Trading does not call for such heavy investments initially. One can add on as one feels comfortable.

Bitcoin Mining is considered to be a better option for very long term investment aim, while Bitcoin Trading is considered better for generating money out of shorter time frames. 

Bitcoin Trading is much more accessible than Bitcoin Mining. The rules and regulations pertaining to trading are less stringent and more flexible when compared to the mining counterpart.

Bitcoin Mining

Final Words

Both these activities have their own pros and cons. Whatever it is, one can always make huge profits out of Bitcoin if one undertakes it efficiently. Companies like, that are online and expert, can also help one decide and then carry out any one of these, or both together!