How many Bitcoins are left to mine is a question that would certainly interest many Bitcoin developers. If we are churning out something that is limited, we would obviously be interested to know how much more we can do. However, the question, how many Bitcoins are left to mine is a bit complicated one. This is because if we start calculating it from the reverse side, as to how many are there in the market subtracting it from what is the total count that is possible, we might get misleading figures. This is because a lot of Bitcoins have been stolen, some have been captured by investors who never use them, some have been altogether forgotten on hard drives and many more such reasons exist.

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How Many Bitcoins Can be There

However, a simple way to make this out is to check via computer networks. We would still not be able to locate all the possible Bitcoins that are already in circulation, but then we can see how many we must still mine to reach the 21 million figure. 

How Many Bitcoins are Left to Mine

Coming right to the question that was asked, it is 21 million Bitcoins in total and out of those 17.3 million have already been mined. So that way, 3.7 million is still left to be mined for sure. Furthermore, it seems impossible at the moment, but Bitcoin specialists have a hope that by the time we are about to hit the 21 million figure, some way could be devised that this final figure could be extended even further.  This would only require changing some Bitcoin protocols so that the total supply can be changed. However, it seems like a complex goal to accomplish as of now. Some IT experts are very sure that they will devise some ways to change the rules of Bitcoin mining and the algorithms attached to the addresses worldwide and this would make a larger supply of Bitcoin possible. 

Why Is It Important To Know How Many Bitcoins Are Left To Mine

After answering above how many Bitcoins are left to mine, one would be thinking why did we spend so much time discussing this. However, this is a very important aspect to consider when not only thinking of setting up a new Bitcoin exchange, but also from a trading point of view. That is why online Bitcoin consultancies like always keep a close vigilance of how much Bitcoin is mined and how much is left behind. That way they are in a better position to guide their clients in making Bitcoin investment decisions. Also, a fixed supply of Bitcoin means that the wallets and exchanges cannot indulge in fraudulent issuing of fake Bitcoins.

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Things to Remember

The first about 18 million of the total 21 million have been mined in just a decade. So it seems we are in the final stages of Bitcoin mining as only about 3 million is left to go. However, there is still hope that the protocols might change and more Bitcoins will be launched that way.