While I was making a list of the entire do’s and don’ts for 2020, it just stuck my mind that I have not yet done the most important task. As a cryptocurrency researcher, I must first and foremost be compiling a list of what is the best cryptocurrency for 2020. What better way to kick off this New Year than to invest in some of the most popular cryptocurrencies of 2020. Let’s get this going guys.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency 2020: The Top 3

Whether you want to buy the most craved cryptocurrency for 2020; or if you want to start trading the best ones this year, it is high time we had a list for a quick reference. Use these digital currencies to make the best money making side tools this year. 2020 has just begun and it is already showcasing high hopes for crypto enthusiasts. Whether it's a long-term investment or a quick arbitrage, this list will come in handy for you.

Best Crypto

1. Bitcoin: Bitcoin continues to rule the charts this year too. It has not seen any downfall in its position in the last few years, and the year 2020 is no exception. It seems right to reckon that Bitcoin is here to stay and that too as the king of all crypto currencies for this year too. Bitcoin at the moment is an ideal choice for both long holding and short holding. It can reap you some great rewards. It is about USD 9251.10 and 60% of the market share at the time of writing this article, and it is expected to rise further significantly by the end of this year.

2. Ethereum: The second highest by market cap worldwide, and the second best cryptocurrency 2020 digital currency. It is not yet the right time for Ethereum to compete for Bitcoin, but yes, it is definitely the next best choice after Bitcoin in 2020. It is being used by decentralized applications which are built over the Ethereum network. Smart contracts remain to be its most adorable feature, and the reason why we must look forward to investing in Ethereum.

3. Ripple: The third best cryptocurrency of 2020 is Ripple. Ripple has expanded its banking services to worldwide institutions all across the globe, and the value of XRP remains closely related to all the products and services of Ripple. And it is quite high at the moment. A further high is expected soon. So if you are to pick a third crypto besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple can make for a perfect choice.

Best Cryptocurrency

Why to Consider the Best Cryptocurrency 2020 While Investing

So why is it better to invest in the most popular or the best to be considered cryptos? The answer is simple. The domain is tough, unpredictable and competitive. It is volatile and never sleeping and so profit making is very difficult. If some of the best cryptocurrencies of 2020 can guarantee success, or aid success for that matter, it is good to go with them. Hiring experts like executium.com to assist you pick the best cryptocurrencies is also a nice option.