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About executium

Past present and future.

Learn all about executium ltd, what we plan for the present and future and how we have set out to help traders become more empowered by using our trading platform.
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History of the executium team
With the cryptocurrency market being so scattered with so many different exchanges, each one of them having its own areas of strength and also a few weaknesses, not to mention the fact that the overall liquidity is spread across a number of these different exchanges, we decided to try to come up with something a little bit new and a little bit different.
It was back in 2013 when a team of very experienced traders decided to begin to develop a trading system of their very own, in order to simultaneously access multiple markets, exchanges and products, taking the trading industry to the next level. Given the emerging nature of the cryptocurrency exchanges it soon became very clear that each exchange had considerably different API specifications, which the existing trading systems have had some trouble combining.
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All of this then led to the creation of Executium, which brings you the latest technology in order to be a revolutionary trading system, which is developed to meet the stringent requirements demanded by professionals in this industry. With Executium it is now possible to confidently trade across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, finally freeing the user from the need to access multiple web sites and check and recheck their trades.

Here at Executium we have had a long line of interest in FinTech (Financial Technology) which has led to our in-house development team producing and developing some of the best products in the industry but exclusively for our own use. Now though, given the gap in the current market, we have decided that the time is right to expand our own internal trading tools to a much wider audience.

We already have a number of our own world class financial products, which we are looking to expand by using Execution as a platform for that. This will then move us towards developing state of the art Combination, Single, Double, Arbitrage, Tap Limit, and Market Making tools. We really want to make sure that our tools are now available to a wider audience and, where we were once predominantly in-house, we are now looking to expand and go global.
About the executium team
Co-Founder and CEO - Sandeep Bharadwaj
Sandeep has over 25 years of experience working for securities brokers, exchanges and hedge funds in the United Kingdom, India, and Hong Kong. He has traded equities, bonds, and currencies and built algo based trading systems. Prior to Executium, Sandeep has headed businesses for DE Shaw and Tradition. He was also CEO of Tower Capital, Head of OTC Derivatives for Tata Consultancy Services, worked for GE Capital and Moody’s Analytics. Sandeep has a in depth knowledge and experience with exchanges and connectivity as a former advisor to the Bombay Stock Exchange, where he served on its Technical Advisory Board. Sandeep also served on the Board of Advisors for Etrade UK, where he was instrumental in major changes and improvements in the trading system. Sandeep holds an MBA from Manchester Business School and Mechanical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. Sandeep has been closely involved with Executium from conception to the current development stage.
Co-Founder and Senior Advisor - Masa Hoshi
Masa started his career at UBS Investment Bank, where he was a convertible bond and equity options trader in their Tokyo and Stamford offices. Afterwards, he worked at JP Morgan Securities in Hong Kong as an equity derivative trader before moving on to work at various hedge funds and family offices. Currently, he is acting as a strategy adviser to Executium, helping the management team plan product releases, marketing, and financing strategies.
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At executium, we have a dedicated in house development team that oversees every function of the network, which eliminates relying on third-party suppliers
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Where do we see ourselves and how the future is extremely bright
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Cryptocurrency Trading

What does the future hold?

Cryptocurrency is a familiar term these days. Since it's inception in 2009, with the first coin being Bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, there has evidently been a great increase in interest of cryptocurrency trading worldwide.

It was not until 2013 however, that most investors around the world began to genuinely pay attention to cryptocurrency, and their enthusiasm for Bitcoin specifically, is what led to this digital currency being valued and briefly traded for prices higher than Gold! The digital currency received so much traction that 2013 was known as the 'year of the Bitcoin.'

In 2014, we saw increased trading of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, especially in parts such as South America, where the trading of bitcoin from 2014-2015 grew drastically by a whopping 510%. The investors buying would then transfer their digital currency to US dollars to maintain the value. This led to countries such as Argentina putting a cap on just how much one can convert to US Dollars.

This rise in interest caused a great commotion in different countries all attempting to regulate Bitcoins value in the respective countries, some being China, Germany etc. Over the recent years, however, we have been seeing a continuous decrease in not just the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but also the other ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings) that have been introduced into the market such as Ethereum, Ripple etc. Many analysts believe that the price fluctuations are as a result of investors buying into the cryptocurrency, and 'panic selling' when they feel the coin is going to decrease in its value within the next three hours.

Despite the decrease in value, it is safe to say that the introduction of Cryptocurrency as well as the different functions each ICO (Initial Coin offerings) such as Ripple, Dash coin etc, mean that this industry is only going to get stronger. We can see a positive future in the world of cryptocurrency, one that will only lead to greater advancements in technology, beneficial to the investors as well.
"it was back in 2013 when a team of very experienced traders decided to begin to develop a trading system of their very own,"
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Looking at the next 5 years

From 2019 to 2024

Cryptocurrency is an apt vehicle to lock in your money for a few years for safekeeping and generating some income out of it. But, when you buy cryptocurrency, you invest in a virtual currency market that is well-known for its volatility. Many argue that this virtual currency market has made mammoth profits to the crypto-crazy investors due to the dotcom bubble.

Taking this view to be true, we should also consider the fact that the internet has opened doors for many investment options in the recent past. It is true that a layman can't predict the future of the Cryptocurrency market, But, there are few crypto leaders who have made some predictions about Cryptocurrency for the next 5 years.

1. Bitcoin value can grow even more than it has previously. If the price of one Bitcoin can improve over the next 12 months, then we can assume its value after 5 years. It will fetch the investors a very high income. Even though this market is very much volatile, it won't completely lose its value at any point in time. This is because of the volume of Bitcoin traded every day, and the fact that people will never stop wanting more Bitcoin.

2. Vitalik Buterin- the co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin magazine opined that the number of Ethereum transactions that the Ethereum network processes is improved through a process called Sharding. It makes the process easier for the Ethereum enthusiasts as it fetches him more money out of his investment, now.

3. Changpeng Zhao: CEO of Binance, one of the cryptocurrencies, said that since many people are adopting these digital currencies we can expect more and more types of cryptocurrencies added to the cryptocurrency family, which means that the cryptocurrency market is going to continue to grow and thrive.

In short, many investors prefer these cryptocurrencies, in spite of the fear-of-missing-out factor, because of the unbelievable hike in the value of cryptocurrencies month after month. The people all over the world, now, get hooked to their computers just to trade on these virtual currencies.
Crypto Trading System
executium is a tailored trading system for cryptocurrency traders. Executium (BVI) Limited, Trinity Chambers, Road Town, , Tortola, PO Box 4301, British Virgin Islands
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